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Did you know that fall is the most popular time to get married? And if you are celebrating your anniversary this spring, or any time of the year, Maui is a very popular destination. With great beaches and tons of romantic activities that allow you to relax and celebrate together, it’s no surprise. And no visit to Maui is complete without a helicopter tour, which allows you to see the island from a unique perspective. If you are looking to celebrate your anniversary here on Maui by experiencing a once in the life time tour from the air, just contact us to find out what we can do to make your trip unforgettable. Also, keep reading to learn about some fun traditional anniversary gifts for those big marriage milestones!


1st Anniversary: Paper

The traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper… it might not sound exciting at first, but this could be something like a photobook, framed picture, tickets to a fun tour, show, or trip, artwork, or a heartfelt card or love note. It could even be tickets for a tour with Air Maui!

1st anniversary gift



5th wedding anniversary gift

5th Anniversary: Wood

For your fifth anniversary the traditional gift is something made from wood. Some ideas include a nice wooden frame, a personalized wooden box or clock, wooden wall art, or a nice set of wooden cutting boards, bowls, serving trays, or other unique kitchen items. You could also use a wooden box as wrapping for any gift!



10th Anniversary: Tin

Tin gifts might seem a little hard to come by, but if you want to stick with the tradition, you can put a variety of different fun gifts inside of cute gift tins such as spa items or a high-end shaving kit, yummy chocolates to pair with a nice bottle of wine, or a nice set of teas.

10th wedding anniversary gift



15th anniversary gift

15th Anniversary: Crystal

Some crystal gift ideas include a crystal vase, decanter, or glasses, jewelry such as a watch, earrings, or necklace, or a crystal picture frame. You can get any of these engraved to add a personal touch.



20th Anniversary: China

The obvious here would be a new set of China dishes. You could also buy a nice set of china for tea or coffee. You could also purchase a China vase or other decorative piece made from China.

20th wedding anniversary gift



25th wedding anniversary gift

25th Anniversary: Silver

For your 25th anniversary the traditional gift is silver. Jewelry is an obvious go-to but some other options are a silver coffee service, an antique set of silverware, jewelry box, or a silver picture frame.



50th Anniversary: Gold

When you make it to that 50th anniversary, the traditional gift is gold. Again, your first thought might be jewelry, but some other options include artwork, dishes, or even food or drink items such as chocolate covered strawberries or truffles (yes, they make edible gold leaf!)

50th wedding anniversary gift



60th 75th wedding anniversary gift

60th & 75th Anniversary: Diamond

If you are celebrating your 60th or 75th wedding anniversary you deserve a diamond! The most obvious place to put it is jewelry but there are a lot of choices such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or watches. You can also add some fun by getting a colored diamond such as a blue, pink, purple, or red diamond or find a unique antique piece.



No matter what anniversary you are celebrating, if you want to surprise your spouse with a great gift this anniversary, give them a tour with Air Maui. We offer a variety of tours that are sure to please such as the island’s only doors off tour and two exclusive landing tours. Here is what some of our guests have to say about spending their anniversary with us:


“Air Maui helped me make my parents surprise 30th wedding anniversary special, amazing, and unforgettable! They were completely helpful and went over and beyond to help me surprise my parents and give them the best experience! If I could give 10 out of 5 stars I would! AMAZING SERVICE!” – lkastern

“My husband and I did this flight for our 5 year anniversary – it was a blast. The views of the waterfalls were incredible. Something so special about seeing the islands from up above. This was my first helicopter ride and we did doors-off – go big or go home! We loved it. Definitely worth purchasing the video of your personal flight afterwards – we have watched it twice since our flight last month!“ – K-Face2018

“My wife and I celebrated our 25 year anniversary on Maui in style aboard Air Maui. We took the full island trip and were in awe of Maui’s beauty and diverse landscapes and climate zones. Would do this again in a heartbeat!“ – Nate B


Maui Anniversary Tour


We would love to help you plan your anniversary trip with us! You can book online through our tours page or call us at (808) 877-7005 if you have any questions or special requests!

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