Maui Rainbows

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 2:41:00 AM


Hawaii is known as the rainbow state, and it is for good reason. Beautiful Maui rainbows can be seen any time of year and are a uniquely beautiful sight when seen from the air. Double rainbows, circular rainbows, rainbows in beautiful cascading waterfalls, pictures can’t capture the breathtaking sights you can see on one of Air Maui’s helicopter tours.

Did you know that there are many different types of rainbows?

A regular rainbow begins with red on the outer part of the rainbow and then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

A supernumerary rainbow is a rainbow that contains additional bands of a pale pink or green color inside of the primary rainbow.

A twinned rainbow is a rainbow that splits into two arcs but originates from a single base.

A double rainbow is created when sunlight is reflected twice inside the same water droplets. The second rainbow is fainter and the order of the colors is reversed.

A circle rainbow, or a 360 degree rainbow, can only be seen from the air. This is because from the ground, half of a rainbow actually falls below the horizon, but actually all rainbows are circles!


Our guests rave about their experiences flying with Air Maui. Here are some of the things they have said about rainbows and other fantastic sights they have seen on their trip.

“I treated my husband to a flight for his 40th birthday. We both enjoyed our air tour of West Maui and Molokai with our pilot Jeanette. She was a fantastic pilot and narrated our flight making sure everyone could have fantastic view of waterfalls and a 360 degree rainbow, among other features.” – Megan R

“My son and I absolutely loved this experience. Worth every penny!!!! Helicopter was fantastic and our pilot Troy was the best. Amazing views of the waterfalls and went over a rainbow, would do it again and again.” – travel_dude_73

“Beautiful views of the rainforest, a Double full-circle rainbow below us, the mist, light rain and following the beautiful Maui coastline along the Hana Highway with waterfalls, the seven sacred pools, black and red beaches, famous getaways, Hana airport and the Ocean! Definitely the highlight of our Maui experience!” – Noel M

“Born and raised on Maui and never saw the island quite like I did that day… very, very awesome. Rainbows, rain, sun, lots of beautiful sights. WAY COOL! Would totally do it again. ” – Jen G

“Best decision to do on while on Maui. Our pilot was great, he was safe and extremely knowledgeable for us when we were navigating our way through the island. We couldn’t have been luckier, we must have flown through 10 rainbows that day. This was the first time my Dad and I were on a helicopter and enjoyed every second of it. We would highly recommend this, especially the travels to Molokai – they are breathtaking. Air Maui was the best and very accommodating!” – Alana B.

“I received a one hour helicopter flight with Maui Air as a 50th birthday present and it was one of the best presents that I received! Maui Air did an incredible job. Their facilities are great, everyone was extremely friendly and professional. The trip itself was incredible and I will always remember it. Viewing Maui and Molokai from a helicopter is amazing. We got to see a 360 degree rainbow along with waterfalls, the surrounding islands, reefs, resorts, windmills and sugar cane fields!! Pretty awesome on my birthday!” – Sid K

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